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Hi Everybody,

I have some exciting news.  I was originally planning on doing a fairly significant update by the end of March and then releasing Version 8.0 by the end of June.  How ever, I am way ahead of schedule and Version 8.0 will most likely be ready in Beta in the next couple of weeks.

Version 8.0 will have a lot of things that I hope you will find exciting.
- the ability to create (and run reports) on Custom Data fields, including:
     o 4 Combo boxes
     o 2 Memo
     o 4 Lists
     o 4 Date fields
- The ability to record “current” prescription date and run reports on pending/overdue meds.  (Suggested by Liz at Arc of Warren)
- Added Landlord information to Address tab (Suggested by Carolyn and Tara at Alternatives)
- Releases Tab is being turned into a Relationships tab, which is combining suggestions from all of you and will feature 3 tabs
    o The ability to record friends/family and others involved in the individual’s life with or without a release of information
    o The ability to see all medical professionals that this individual has utilized through out the database including
    o date last seen
    o who they are (i.e. primary physician, prescriptions only, visits only…etc.)
    o the ability to quickly review medical appoints or meds prescribed by them
    o the ability to record releases of information to them.
- Under Banking made it a little smarter so that it remembers  previous transaction
- Under Incident Report
    o Have the ability to create a custom heading on incident reports in case you have a program for which the “Division of Developmental Disabilities” is not appropriate.
    o Among other things you will also have the ability to run reports based upon date prepared rather than just the incident date.
- DSM Axis I-V
    o There is no longer a button to add Axis I-III Diagnosis
    o Axis III will be added automatically when you type something new (after you confirm)
    o Editing Axis I-II is now an Admin function, since all DSM-4 codes will be added to your back-end.
    o If you double click in Axis 5 you will see a table of GAF scores with the current individuals score highlighted.
- Under Staff Maintenance add the ability to create and manage usernames and passwords and implemented security throughout the database.

Best wishes,

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Mark, This is an awesome Dbase!!! all-in-one...a one stop shop...will recommend to friends i know.-


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